What you should know about pernambuco and what you can do about it

It is very clear to us that we must take an active role in protecting this precious material not only from extinction but to preserve the use of the finest materials for the future of classical music. Pernambuco, unlike ivory, can be saved from this classification, and its forests can be sustainably restored if we act immediately. Help us in this fight to keep pernambuco alive for both the environment and for music-making.

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Why I decided to get new fittings on my viola

Treating yourself or your instrument to a makeover is therapeutic at best. I had been wanting to change my instrument’s fittings for a while before I decided to go through with it, but I made it special by celebrating an achievement which made my experience entirely worth it. If you’re thinking about changing your instrument’s fittings or already have, we’d love to hear from you.

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