Our uncompromising standards assure that EVERY instrument responds easily and evenly, with a full and resonant tone.

Teachers' Preferred Choice!


Our luthiers set up every violin, viola, cello and bass using the same uncompromising standards to which we set up our professional instruments.


Strict attention to detail assures that every instrument responds easily and evenly, with a full and resonant tone.

case & strings

Outfits include premium quality cases and professional Thomastik-Infeld strings.

the future

When you are done renting, your rental equity goes towards the purchase of a brand new William Harris Lee instrument!

Rental FAQ

Due to our reasonable rental fees and the high quality of our rental instruments, William Harris Lee Premium String Rentals are NOT rent to own. However, your rental fees will accrue on a monthly basis, and you may at any time return your rental instrument and apply this rental credit towards the purchase of a new William Harris Lee instrument.

Yes! Once a rental contract has ended, Lessee will have 90 days during which time they may purchase a NEW William Harris Lee & Co. instrument at a special discount. This LOYALTY DISCOUNT will equal 100% of the rental fees (not including the maintenance fee & sales taxes) collected during the life of the contract and will additionally be limited to no more than 50% of the selling price of a new WHL instrument or 20% of an antique instrument. The loyalty discount may not be combined with any other discount, trade-in, or special offer. Instruments sold with a loyalty discount must be paid in full at the time of purchase. The loyalty discount may not be used towards the purchase of a case or bow unless the instrument being purchased is advertised and sold as an outfit by William Harris Lee & Co. Simply contact our sales department to arrange an instrument trial.

As stated above, the size of the discount is equal to your total rental payments during the life of the contract. However, the discount may not equal more than fifty percent of the price of the new instrument being purchased. This offer will expire 90 days after the rental contract is terminated.
After the initial (required) three month rental period, you may return the instrument at any time. Rent is paid in advance, and while there is no penalty for discontinuing your rental, W. H. Lee will not refund the remainder of the months rental fee should you return the instrument early.
Your monthly rental payment is automatically charged to your credit card. William Harris Lee requires that you keep a valid credit card on file with us for this purpose.
Bring your rental instrument to W.H. Lee & Co. for all your service needs or turn it in to your orchestra teacher if your school has a W.H. Lee account. Your monthly payment includes a Maintenance and Repair fee.

COVERED: Normal wear and tear items such as nicks, scratches, open seams, sticking or slipping pegs, bow rehairs (max. 2 per year) and broken strings (max. full string set replacement 2 per year).

COVERED WITH DEDUCTIBLE FEE: Instruments accidentally damaged beyond repair (the cost of the repair is greater than the value of the instrument), will be charged a deductible fee as follows: Violins or Violas – $150.00, Cellos – $290.00, and Basses – $350.00. Examples of this kind of damage include: broken neck, broken or cracked scroll, back cracl, soundpost or bassbar crack, and impact damage. If the instrument is stolen, a police report documenting the incident must be provided to W.H. Lee & Co. within 7 days of the occurence.

NOT COVERED: Damage due to neglect or instruments that are lost; in these cases, Lessee is responsible for the full retail price of the instrument, bow and case. Examples include: initials and other carvings in the instrument varnish, instruments left outisde or in cars, unattended, loaned to third parties, or subject to extreme temperature conditions.

Lessees returning instruments with missing items that that are considered a permanent part of the outfit will incur the following charges:
Missing Blanket $20.00
Missing Strap (each) $10.00
Missing Violin Bow $85.00
Missing Viola Bow $95.00
Missing Cello Bow $105.00
Missing Bass Bow $185.00
Wolf Eliminator $15.00
Removal of stickers on case $25.00
(Please discourage your child from putting stickers on the instrument or on the case.)

Lessee is responsible for all shipping costs for instrument exchanges and returns, and for instruments that returned for maintenance or repair. For more information, please refer to our Rental Shipping Policy.

Violins & Violas up to 14″ (single box)$25.00
Violas 15″ & up (single box)$35.00
2 Violins/2 Violas (double box)$35.00
Cellos: 1/10 – 1/8$50.00
Cellos: 1/4 – 4/4$60.00
Instruments may be exchanged for a different size at any time. Depending upon the rate plan, certain size increases may bring a corresponding increase in rental fee. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.
Instruments may be returned to any of our stores, shipped to our Chicago location, or returned to your local William Harris Lee representative.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call our customer service department at 312-786-0459.
Our representatives will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

caring for your rental instrument

We take great pride in the instrument that we put into the hands of your child. We expect he or she will treat it with the same care and respect that we do here in our shop. Parents are responsible for the condition of the instrument when it is returned to us, and may incur a significant charge for instruments that come back showing willful damage or gross negligence.

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