It is our goal to offer instruments of the finest quality at every level. 


William Harris Lee & Company continues the tradition of the great violin houses at a time when American violin making rivals that of Europe. Whether made in our workshop or fine antique violins, we offer instruments that meet the needs of today’s musicians. 


Considered to be the most dynamic voice in the violin family, the viola has continually evolved in design and specifications far beyond its relatives. The violas of William Harris Lee & Company have established a global standard in sound and playability.


Our cellos can be found all over the world in symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, as well as in premier music education programs and have made our workshop a global destination for the instrument.


The double bass is widely known as a versatile instrument in many genres of music. At William Harris Lee & Company we focus on providing our community with incomparable value to meet the needs of every musician.

The unmistakable style of William Harris Lee

Carefully sourced materials arrive to our workshop and are formed using proprietary methods to make uniquely crafted instruments. For over forty years, the luthiers at William Harris Lee & Co. have created remarkable string instruments which are enjoyed all over the world.