Nicolas Lupot violin

ca. 1790

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Nicolas Lupot violin


A fine violin by Nicolas Lupot (1758 – 1824)

Originally from Orléans, Nicolas Lupot moved to Paris around 1796 after years of regular subcontracting for François Pique. This violin is a fine example of his early Parisian works around the same time period (ca. Mid-1790s) and is modeled after Antonio Stradivari. In fact, Lupot is recognized as one of the greatest French violin makers, along with J.B. Vuillaume, and is known as the French Stradivari. Vuillaume was heavily influenced by Lupot’s approach which partly inspired his work to replicate Italian masters.

This violin reflects Lupot’s inspiration of the Cremonese instruments which undoubtedly made it to his bench to be repaired and evaluated. In 1813, he was chosen as violin maker to the Chapelle Royale under the reign of Napoleon and later under the reinstated French monarchy. Elegant in craftsmanship as well as in sound, this fine violin is available to audition for its next owner.

The back in two pieces is of quarter cut maple with a horizontal variable curl. The wood of the ribs matches that of the back, and the scroll has a finer curl. The top, in two pieces, is of finely grained spruce. The varnish is soft in texture, and red brown in color.

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