Jacek Zadlo, Violin

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Jacek Zadlo, Violin


Jacek Zadlo began his training in instrument making after grade school at Panstwowe Liceum Sztuk Plastychnych, a vocational school for the fine arts, in Southern Poland. His decision to pursue a career in music was influenced by his older brother, who previously attended this school, as well as his past experience as a pianist in grade school. He then continued his studies of instrument making at Akademia Muzyizna W Poland (Academy of Music) in Poznan, Poland for an additional three years.

Jacek moved to the United States in 1992, and has worked for William Harris Lee and Company since 1996 as a Luthier.  He has assisted Bronek Cison for many years and also worked with Tetsuo Matsuda.  In 2022, Jacek was a finalist for Tone in the AVS exhibition.

The pictured instrument is representative of the violins by him we have in inventory.

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