William Harris Lee and Company makes every effort to assure that your rental experience is a positive one, for both you and your child. To have the best understanding of how our rental program works, please read carefully the answers to the following commonly asked questions:

Is this a “Rent-to-Own” program?
Due to our reasonable rental fees and the high quality of our rental instruments, William Harris Lee Premium String Rentals are NOT rent to own. However, your rental fees will accrue on a monthly basis, and you may at any time return your rental instrument and apply this rental credit towards the purchase of a new William Harris Lee instrument.

Do you offer renters a discount if they purchase an instrument after they end their rental contract?

Once a rental contract has ended, Lessee will have 90 days during which time they may purchase a NEW William Harris Lee & Co. instrument at a special discount. This LOYALTY DISCOUNT will equal 100% of the rental fees (not including MRLP fee) collected during the life of the contract and will additionally be limited to no more than 50% of the selling price of the instrument being purchased. The loyalty discount may not be combined with any other discount, trade-in, or special offer. Instruments sold with a loyalty discount must be paid in full at the time of purchase. The loyalty discount is only available for the purchase of a new William Harris Lee instrument, and may not be used towards the purchase of a case or bow unless the instrument being purchased is advertised and sold as an outfit by William Harris Lee & Co. Simply contact our sales department to arrange an instrument trial.

What are the limitations of the Loyalty Discount?
As stated above, the size of the discount is equal to your total rental payments during the life of the contract. However, the discount may not equal more than fifty percent of the price of the new instrument being purchased.

When does the Loyalty Discount expire?
This offer will expire 90 days after the rental contract is terminated.
May I return the rental instrument at any time?
After the initial (required) three month rental period, you may return the instrument at any time. Rent is paid in advance, and while there is no penalty for discontinuing your rental, W. H. Lee will not refund the remainder of the months rental fee should you return the instrument early.

What is the cost of shipping?

Violins & Violas (single box)

2 Violins/2Violas (double box)
     Cellos: 1/10 - 1/8

Cellos: 1/4 - 4/4



For more information, please refer to our Rental Shipping Policy

How do I make the monthly rental payment?

Your monthly rental payment is automatically charged to your credit card. William Harris Lee requires that you keep a valid credit card on file with us for this purpose.

What happens if the instrument is damaged or needs repair?
Your monthly payment includes a mandatory maintenance, repair and loss protection fee (MRLP). This fee covers normal wear and tear items such as nicks, scratches, bow re-hairs (maximum two per year), open seams, and sticking or slipping of pegs. It also covers repair of accidental damage. Lost or stolen instruments, or instruments that are accidentally damaged beyond repair (the cost of the repair is greater than the value of the instrument), will be charged a deductible fee as follows: Violins or Violas - $150.00, Cellos - $290.00, and Basses - $350.00.

What if my child damages the instrument on purpose?

Lessees returning instruments with damage due to gross neglect or abuse will be charged the full cost of repair of said damage, up to the full replacement cost of the instrument. In addition, lessees returning instruments with missing items that that are considered a permanent part of the outfit (case blankets, for example) or stickers on the case, will incur the following charges:
    Missing blanket - $20
    Missing strap (each) - $10
    Wolf eliminator - $15
    Removal of stickers - $25

Who is responsible for shipping costs if I have to return an instrument for repair?
Renters are responsible for all shipping costs for instrument exchanges and returns, and for instruments that returned for maintenance or repair.
For more information, please refer to our Rental Shipping Policy.

Will my monthly payment ever change?
Certain upgrades in size will carry with them a small increase in rental fee. Otherwise, it is highly unlikely that your rental payment will ever change. However, we do reserve the right to raise our rates at some point in the future. Should that happen, you would be notified in advance, and given time to return the instrument if you should choose not to continue renting at the new rate.

What if my child needs to upgrade to a bigger instrument?
Instruments may be exchanged for a different size at any time. Depending upon the rate plan, certain size increases may bring a corresponding increase in rental fee. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.

How do I return my instrument when I am done renting?
Instruments may be returned to any of our stores, shipped to our Chicago location, or returned to your local William Harris Lee representative.